Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes

easy paleo applesauce protein pancakes

3 ingredients. 10 minutes. And yes, they’re healthy.

Gone are the days when pancakes were just a sugar-filled breakfast treat for the weekend! With these Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes, you can now eat pancakes guilt-free because they’re made with just an egg, protein powder, and applesauce.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. And it gets even better!

You can make these pancakes from start to finish in 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES.

Seriously, it takes that long to make your morning omelet.  So, instead of saving pancakes as a special weekend treat, whip ’em up before you head to work, and feel great knowing you’re eating a yummy breakfast and providing your body with a nutrient-dense combination of protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates!

Recipes like these Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes are my favorite because they’re fast, efficient, and they fuel your body, which, if you’re a busy person, is exactly the type of recipe you need!

When you start your morning with this all-important trifecta of protein, healthy fat, and carbs, the result is steady energy, a sharp mind, and feeling full and satisfied until your next meal. No mid-morning sugar crash, no “hangry,” no overwhelming urge to take a nap on your laptop at your desk.

Set yourself up for success by fueling your body and mind with these Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes!

Start by cracking one pasture-raised egg into your bowl. Next measure 1/3 cup of Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Primal Fuel and add to bowl.  Then, save time and dishwashing energy and use the same cup measure to measure 1/3 cup of Thrive Market Organic Cinnamon Applesauce.

Now whisk those 3 ingredients with a fork or whisk until evenly combined. Make sure you don’t have any clumps of protein powder hiding, ready to explode when you least expect it.

Heat your frying pan over low-medium heat and melt just enough grass-fed butter in the pan to lightly grease. You don’t want a puddle of butter in the pan or it will make for soggy pancakes. No one wants soggy pancakes.

Pour pancake batter in pan to form 3.5″ – 4″ circles (about the size of your fist). Or get creative with you pancake size. Go crazy. But the bigger they are, the harder they’ll be to flip. Cook for 4 minutes or until you start to see bubbles form in the batter around the edges of the pancakes. Then flip ’em!

Give your pancakes another 2 minutes to cook on the other side and then relocate them to your plate! Repeat the process for your leftover batter. And then, it’s time to top and EAT.

Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes

With these Easy Paleo Applesauce Protein Pancakes, you can now eat pancakes guilt-free because they’re made with just an egg, protein powder, and applesauce. And they take just 10 minutes to make!

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: bowl, whisk or fork, 1/3 cup measure, frying pan, spatula



  1. Heat frying pan on stove top over low/medium heat and grease with butter or coconut oil – just enough to coat pan!
  2. Meanwhile combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk ingredients with fork or whisk until evenly combined.
  3. Once butter is starting to form small bubbles, pour pancake batter in to frying pan to form 2.5″-3″ pancakes.
  4. Cook for 4 minutes or until you see bubbles start to form in the batter at the edges of the pancakes then flip and cook on other side for 2 minutes. Once finished, set pancakes aside.
  5. Repeat steps 5-8 with remaining batter, BUT pancakes will likely cook faster so set timer for 2 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the 2nd side.
  6. Add desired toppings to your stack o’ flapjacks and fuel up!

*To make 2 servings, simply double the ingredients!


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