Inspire Your Audience to Take a Powerful Step Forward in Their Health with an Action-Oriented Wellness Workshop

with Ellen Jaworski of Triple Peak Wellness

If you’re looking to inspire real change in the health and wellbeing of your audience, then you’re in the right place. As a certified health coach, Ellen Jaworski knows that creating healthy change takes more than just information; it requires an individualized approach that allows participants to apply the information to their own unique lives. That’s exactly what Ellen delivers in each of her interactive workshops.

As a speaker, Ellen is energetic, passionate, relatable, and funny. She excels at breaking down complex topics into digestible, accessible nuggets of information, energizing her audiences by not only addressing the “how to,” but also emphasizing how a particular topic can transform their lives. Ellen loves engaging with her audiences by sharing personal anecdotes from her own health journey and coaching practice, and answering audience questions. She prioritizes making every workshop a safe space so everyone feels welcome and valued.

Featuring a visually-rich powerpoint with images and text to highlight key information, Ellen’s presentations are designed to be engaging and inspiring for every learning type. But what really makes Ellen’s workshops have a lasting impact is the interactive exercise where participants are challenged to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired to their life, thereby walking away with a written plan and specific ideas for what they can do to take their health to the next level.

For example, in her meal planning workshop, participants walk away with a meal plan for their coming week. Having this individualized plan dramatically increases the odds of follow through, resutling in real change.

With a variety of wellness workshops available, Ellen will light a fire in your audience and help them take a powerful step forward in their health, unlocking the energy, productivity, and happiness they desire!


  • How to Balance Self Care with a Busy Schedule
  • How to Create Unshakeable Motivation to Crush Your Goals
  • Overcome Your Self-Sabotage Once and For All
  • How to Eat Healthy Without Counting Calories
  • The Total Kitchen Cleanse
  • How to Create a Simple Meal Plan
  • How to Kick Your Sugar Habit
  • Stress Less, Relax More
  • Or request a customized workshop on your wellness topic of choice!


I attended Ellen’s [Stress Less, Relax More] workshop recently and found it so valuable. Ellen makes relaxation and stress management practices very accessible and practical. One example I’ve carried with me is her approach to change and adopting new health practices. She shared with us “small hinges open big doors”. In other words, small steps can lead to big change. If you ever have the opportunity, I’d to encourage everyone to attend a workshop presented by Ellen. In my weight loss journey, I discovered that not only do I need to change my eating habits but also my thinking habits. Ellen’s information is a great tool for the internal change.

– Susan S.


How long are your workshops?

Workshops typically run sixty minutes, but they can be customized to fit the length of your event. Please email me to discuss your specific event needs.

What do you charge?

Please email me to discuss your specific event needs to receive a quote.

Will you travel for an event?

Yes, I am happy to travel domestically or internationally. Any events outside of greater Seattle, WA area will be charged for basic travel and accommodation expenses.

What equipment do you need?

For presentations in Seattle, I am able to supply a laptop, projector, and ~4×6′ projector screen. For events outside of Seattle or larger audiences, I require an audio-visual set up including a projector, screen, and potentially, a microphone.

To Book Ellen for Your Next Event
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